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Do you have what it takes to be a nurse?

1. Nurse training programs are very intense and demanding, ranging from human anatomy studies to nursing biology courses, which include dissecting frogs and fishes in order to be a nurse. If you’re an animal lover, this could be a traumatic ordeal. Consequently, these scientific, medical studies are a essential part of the training to being a nurse practitioner. However, the good news is that you do not have to love science or dissection in order to have a career in nursing. By contrast, if you enjoy medical dissection, than you are an excellent candidate for O.R. (operating room)!

People Skills and Nursing

2. Do you have good people skills? How effective are your communication skills, and do you enjoy helping, nurturing, and interacting with others in a friendly way. If you have low tolerance for helping others, or prefer to have a career that include isolation, than a nursing career is probably not for you. Typically, nurses handle patients who have medical issues, which include physical pain or discomfort; therefore, patients and their loved ones are usually emotionally anxious, as well. If you naturally enjoy helping and nurturing others, than a nursing career is a good choice for you.

Nurse Practitioner

3. Are you easily scared off by the sight of blood, exposed organs, or bodily fluids? Overall, a nurse practitioner will encounter situations that are uncomfortable or medically graphic. You do not have enjoy this aspect of nursing, but if you find it unbearable, than nursing is probably not the best career for you. However, if you’re thick-skinned, and you have a high tolerance for bodily fluids, than nursing career is a good option.

Special Nursing Training

4. During an emergency, are you usually the one who remains calm while quickly responding to the situation? Usually, most people do not handle a high-pressure situation or an emergency very well. Fortunately, there are nurse training programs that require “special training” in handling emergency cases. Extensive trainings, especially E.R. nurse trainings, help and prepare nursing students to deal with medical emergencies. If you handle stress and emergencies well, than you naturally have the temperament and qualities of a nurse.

Devoted to Nursing

5. Are you ready to make the commitment in order to be a nurse? How devoted are younurse candidate to dedicating your time and energy for a nursing school program? An average nursing school program will take all of your focus, energy, and concentration in order to study and complete the medical program. Unless you can fully dedicate and commit to a nursing training program, than it is probably best to wait until your current situation or schedule is resolved. For instance, if an aspiring nursing student requires childcare, maybe it’s best to wait until he or she figures out and makes arrangements for the childcare that is needed. Completing a nurse training program will require commitment and dedication.

If your answer is “yes” to most of the issues that were covered, than congratulations! You are a prime candidate for being a nurse.

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