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School Subjects Needed for a Nursing Job

When you were high school, which subjects did you enjoy most?  Perhaps determining which academic subjects you enjoyed can help determine if nursing is the right job / career for you.   In order to become a professional nurse, you need to cover essential subjects, such as anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc.

Nursing and Body functions

Learning the body structure is called anatomy, and studying how the “body functions” is called physiology.  In order to be a nurse, one needs to understand the human body, acquiring knowledge of both the structures of the body, as well as how these structures relate to and function with one another.  An anatomy class requires lots of repetitive memorization crammed into an advanced biology course, which includes skeletal, muscles, digestive, respiratory, etc.  Fortunately, nursing students repetitively use anatomical terms during nurse training, which makes it easier to memorize them.  By contrast, physiology is studying the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.  As a nursing student, physiology will help explain what those parts do, as well as how they work.

Nursing Lab Work!

Biology is the study of life (living organisms, plant & animal life, vital processes, etc.).  This subject includes lots of lab and microscopic work, as well as memorization work.  Typically, this class include dissection work, so if you enjoy scientific lab work, then this class should be fascinating for you!  In addition, it also cover memorizing biological vocabulary words.  A biology class is an important class since it essentially starts your foundation and knowledge of how life works.

Nursing and Lab Data

Chemistry is related to the nursing jobs because there are aspects of nursingChemistry for nursinf that require knowledge of chemistry such as drugs, IV fluids, anesthesiology, etc.  Comprehending chemistry allows a nurse to be able to be think proactively.  Human life entails chemistry; for instance, the human digestive system is a series of chemical reactions.  Overall, nurse practitioners do not need to be immersed in chemistry in order to carry out their nursing jobs.  However, since nurses typically deal with patients, you will eventually be confronted with laboratory datas, which you will have to view and interpret.  As a result, chemical analysis of body fluids will be an ongoing daily task for a nurse.

Mathematics for a Nursing Career ?

Mathematics play an important role in a nursing job since basic math skills are required regularly.  As a nurse practitioner, you will implement addition, multiplication, subtraction, etc.  on a typical day.  In addition, you will need to be accurate in math since there’s no room for error while treating patients.  Giving the wrong medication dosage could kill people!  That’s why it’s absolutely critical to be mathematically accurate.  In order to be a nurse, you will also need to be adept in  basic algebra, along with basic math skills because many medication dosages are prescribed in milligrams per kilogram of body weight, which include factoring in the weight of a patient.  Overall, it is simple, basic algebra calculations.  Fortunately, for aspiring nurse students, nursing does not require complex mathematical equations, so you don’t need to love math; however, a nursing job requires basic math skills, along with being mathematically accurate.

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