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Nursing Care

School Subjects Needed for a Nursing Job

Nursing and psychology are two different subjects; nevertheless, they are still connected. A professional nurse’s objective is to help patients with their health and recovery. By contrast, the subject psychology is studying human behavior and mind. Nursing and psychology are connected because in order for a patient to sufficiently recover from an illnesses, it’s best if a trained nurse understands the emotional state and behavior of a patient. This key skill is essential in helping patients recover from their illnesses more quickly.

Nurse and Patients

When you have a nursing job, you will probably deal directly with patients, who are usually under stress and anxiety due to their physical ailment. Furthermore, you will also have to deal with and care for the patients’ families, as well. Naturally, everyone is at their worst, so as a nurse, you have to be mindful and sensitive to the needs of the patients, along with their families. As a result, it is important to have a good understanding of human behavior in order to tell the difference between medical patients’ behaviors, reactions, actions, etc. While nursing, you need to anticipate and look beyond patients’ pains, fears, or confusions. A professional nurse needs people skills and provide calming and rational health care to patients while remaining composed. Fortunately, nursing schools will provide adequate psychology training / classes that will help you acquire the skills needed for a nursing job!caring for people

Nursing and Religion

Sociology is the study of human societies, and it is just as critical to nursing as psychology. In general, sociology helps a nurse practitioner understand the boundaries of people based on their social circumstances. For instance, as a nurse, your patients’ backgrounds and ethnicities will vary tremendously, ranging from all religions to all socioeconomic statuses. Typically, a nurse will encounter diverse social groups and ethnic groups, so it is critical to have an understanding of various social groups, as well as their cultural traits. If you understand their values and boundaries, then it will help you be more effective as a nurse. For example, since religions (Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholics, etc.) vary tremendously, it is critical that you remain objective, along with not making fast assumptions as a professional nurse. What is appropriate for one religious group may be inappropriate for another religious group!

Trained Nurse

Academic subjects, such as psychology and sociology, play a significant role in preparing you to to becoming a successful nurse. To illustrate, during a nursing job, one could encounter a patient who is emotionally difficult, but a trained nurse would automatically know how to provide effective health care since the nurse training courses prepared he or she for the psychological aspects of nursing, along with knowing how to deal professionally with social issues that occur during a nursing job.


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