Nursing Jobs are one of the fastest growing careers in 2012

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Hospital growth increases demand for nursing jobs

Hospital growth increases demand for nursing jobs

While almost everyone has been affected by today’s economy, there are some people that are actually doing better than ever.  It’s no secret that the recession has claimed millions of jobs.  However, in this down job market some jobs have actually gone UP!  One of the few industries to enjoy this growth in 2012 is nursing.

The increase in health care from the rising population and retirees is flooding the hospitals with patients.  So much so that hospitals are expanding at an enormous rate.  New hospitals are being built to keep up with the demand.  And for each hospital opening, they need qualified nurses! reports an unprecedented rise in health care positions since the baby boomers have started retiring.

Job Security in Nursing

One reason so many jobs have been lost is outsourcing.  This is a hot topic among employees and employers, but no matter which side you’re on you can’t ignore the facts.  If your job can be easily outsourced, you’re at greater risk of losing your job than someone with a local job that can’t be outsourced.  Which group would you rather be in?

Nursing and other jobs in the health industry are perfect examples of jobs with high job security.  No matter what, hospitals have to hire local nurses and doctors.  People will always need medical help.  And with the population growing, the job security for nurses will only get better as time goes on.

Job Placement for Nurses on the Fast Track

Schools and colleges are abundant around the world. There are 4-year institutions and 2-year community programs as well as trade and vocational schools that offer specialized training in a specific area. Nursing can be studied at any one of those establishments, and each one is just as good as the next. Some people want to ease into schooling, adjusting slowly to working and studying as they did many years ago when they were in high school or college. Others want intensive, strict and quick education, allowing them to start their new journey sooner.

People re-evaluating their lives and careers are opting to go back to school as one of the most viable paths to a gainful occupation.  However the time involved with traditional

The people of the world need jobs; the jobs of the world need security, and the companies of the world need profits, which the consumers of the world are not providing because they are pinching pennies, clipping coupons and counting every dime they have. In many households nationwide, expenses are kept to a minimum for fear of unexpected job loss as well as to ensure that the little income they have is not being spent on things that are not of the necessity.

Mid-career, mid-life and mid-economy crises come down to this: a hard-working person wants to change jobs or start a new career, but is unsure of where to go or what field interests them as they have spent so many years acquiring proficiency in another position. They want a job that pays well and has security and benefits. The individual wants to be skilled in a trade that is always hiring, today, tomorrow, next week, in five years, ten years, and at 3 o’clock in the morning. They want a stable job where they make a difference in the lives of others, as well as the world. A likely choice for that person would be nursing.

There are two basic programs that teach the required skills needed for working as a nurse practitioner (NP). There’s the Fast Track to Nursing program, which can be completed in as little as 6 months to a year; the second option is a 2 or 4-year degree program.

How soon do you want to start your new career? The future starts today… are you ready for an instant change in your profession, or do you see nursing as something you will be doing in the remote future?

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Nursing Jobs

Nursing Job OutlookImmediate Future: The Fast Track to Nursing is an excellent program for the nurse-in-training to acquire the skills and education needed to become a nurse practitioner in the shortest matter of time possible. With the constant need for nurses in every city the world over, schools are training vast amounts of NPs seven days a week, so they can be placed in hospitals, ambulances, doctors’ offices, veterinary clinics, etc., and get to work! There is a consistent flow of existing patients, new patients, broken bones, illnesses, and births happening every second of every day, and the number of people capable of handling those situations is decreasing.

People want good jobs, and a good salary, and they want them now. There is no time for patience when there are so many opportunities available in a single field! There are many concentrations in the field of nursing; pediatrics, labor & delivery, surgical, veterinarian, orthopedics, oncology, and psychiatric are just some of them. Nursing is not all blood and needles, emergency and trauma, giving patients bad news, and watching people leave the world. There are several benefits of being a nurse practitioner, and they are earned and well respected. Since nurses are in such high demand, they have the option of traveling, living and working all over the world. Nurses help in disaster relief as well as in the daily lives of patients and get to meet a variety of people from all backgrounds. They have the ability to network and make valuable contacts, and there is always the option of entering other branches in the medical field.

Fast-Track Program

The Fast Track to Nursing is an accelerated program designed for students to acquire the training and skills needed to become a nurse practitioner in six months to a year. There are many branches of nursing that require longer schooling, however, getting a foot in the door is the first step to hundreds of higher opportunities.

Fast-track courses are offered full time and are intensive. They are advanced and challenging. They consist of graduate and undergraduate students, working adults, and second-degree students. The rapid paced nature of the Fast Track program produces highly qualified new nurses who are ready to go on the job immediately after graduating.

The Fast-Track program also offers career seekers the opportunity to go to school while working another full time job, or who do not have the time or financial resources to attend a 2-plus year nursing program.

All the skills in a fraction of the time. A new and exciting nursing career is easily and quickly attainable with the Fast-Track to Nursing program.

Nurses and Doctors teamDistant Future: A Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) will certainly take you longer to obtain and start working your dream job of helping people heal, bringing new life into the world, or one of the many other benevolent acts nurses practice, but it still garners you the same amount of education and training as the accelerated program does. The 4-year BSN programs at trade schools and universities are designed for those who want to ease into a career change and are not quite ready for the advanced learning techniques. They provide the same amount of information but at a slower, more moderate pace so that you can complete other schooling, keep a full time job, or slowly get your feet wet in the science of caring for others to see if nursing is something you enjoy doing.

Credit: Facts for this article were gathered from The New York Times and The Latino Times.

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